Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Portrait sessions with a twist

I get a lot of requests to do portraits or other photo shoots with people. I like to put people in environments that seem to suit their personality or their character best. And I like to suggest variations they may not have considered. 

Image of Paige in the a river
Down by the River
This summer I have had quite a few shoots where I have been able to suggest variations on the model's ideas to create beautiful images.

Here is an example. Paige called and asked if I would do a series of images of her by the water. Her initial plan was simple, by a waterfall, in a new swimsuit. But we did not have easy access to waterfall on the day so I suggested this river area.

We started with the image ideas she had of her new swimsuit and had a lot of fun with that. I had suggested (ahead of time, I don't like to spring surprises on people) this length of fabric over her shoulders would look interesting in the water. I was very pleased with the results.

Paige wandering in the river
There were a few challenges to this shoot. We had been having a crazy hot summer all through July. But by the time we got our dates aligned and were able to do this shoot, morning temperatures here now in the low teens - pretty chilly. So complete submersion was out of the question.

There have been other shoots this summer where I have been able to create wonderful images. I am excited to be doing more and more of these.

Paige reflected

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