Saturday, October 29, 2011

Factory Update

Factories continue to fascinate me. I have an ongoing project with the Breithaupt Block factory, photographing its revitalization. There are, of course, still vestiges of its earlier days. The windows always capture my imagination. Sometimes it's the glass itself that provides an interesting colour or texture. But sometimes it is what is beyond the window, what is outside, that gives us something interesting.

There is, even after more than a year of work, much of the factory that is yet dirty. Much that is a mess. But it is in these very ugly places that I find interesting details. I was a little slow to react when I came into this room. The dust was thick and the sunlight streaming through the windows lit up the dust like laser beams. By the time I realized I had an amazing image right in front of me, the sun had started to fad behind a cloud and the dust was settling out. The transitions in a factory do not wait for anyone!

New areas are constantly arriving. One day I might see a room like above. And when I go back a few days later, I find there are walls popping up, plumbing being installed, wiring connected...

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