Thursday, June 30, 2011

More portraits

Pensive Jalyssa
 I had another photoshoot with Jalyssa recently. Portrait sessions with this woman are a dream. She has a very good sense of her body, how to move it, how to effect the right look. She is very creative too, coming up with many good ideas for poses, settings, etc. For me, it was wonderful to have a model offering these ideas and between the two of us coming up with some excellent images.

We spent about three or more hours in the nearby village of Elora at the ruins of an old, early 19C stone mill. Jay brought a number of interesting outfits she could use to create different moods. We had easy access to the river and although the water was quite cold yet, she was very excited to get into the water for a number of images. But just to her knees. It was much too cold to consider getting right into the water!
Neck & Earring

We also had a couple of lengths of loose fabric she was able to drape around herself to create images with an ethereal, floating feeling to them.

Portrait sessions like this are a lot of fun. But they are exhausting too. By the time we'd decided to wrap up, we were both pretty tired. But I think it's not the last time I'll work Jay and I am hoping I'll find other models to work with in similar settings.

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  1. Very nice indeed, Larry. The water shots coupled with the fabric in the early morning with a bit of river fog would be neat.