Monday, March 7, 2011

Factory Girl

I have had a passion for old factories for years. I love the textures and colours and shapes found on the facade and in the decaying carcass of an old derelict factory. And every time I have the chance to wander about a factory taking pictures I cannot help but picture working with a model, contrasting his or her look with that of the factory.


Jalyssa has a passion for photography. Whenever we have met, we've talked and talked and talked about photography. She has done modelling in the past, casually. And she loves doing it. I had asked her to model for me in an old factory setting when I next found one. I felt an old, worn out, derelict factory setting would contrast perfectly with her youthful, delicate, feminine features.

When I found this factory not far from where I live, as I wandered about getting a feel for the space, I just knew I'd have to bring Jalyssa for a photo shoot.

I have put only a few of the many pictures from that shoot on my web site. It is hard to pick only a few that give a good overview of the range of her styles. I hope my choices are appropriate. I hope you like what you see.

There are many more images on my Flickr account. Please have a look, if you have time.

I think Jalyssa and I will make more images together again.

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